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Born.  Raised.  Found.  Loved.


If Billy wrote his life story, that would be the title of the book.  In 1969 his biological mother was unwed, unsupported, and unable to care for her son.  She placed him for adoption to give him a life that she couldn’t provide.  He was 28 when he found out that he was adopted.  For 20 years, he dreamed of what she looked like, who she was, and where she may be.  He had a great life, but he wasn’t able to see who he truly was.  He was 48 when he hired ROOTS. After 1 week, we found his biological mother.


Billy’s story, though unique in some respects, is typical in others.  All he, and our clients want to know is who and where they come from.  Millions of adult adoptees dream of the day when they too can meet their biological families.  Because of strict laws, limited personal resources, convoluted databases, and not knowing where to go for help, many adoptees will never see or know their biological parents.  It’s a sad fact that often leaves adoptees feeling unwanted, unloved, and frustrated.  But there’s hope!  GRAITH Foundation has already reunited over 1,500 people and we need your help to search for and reunite even more at NO COST to our seekers.  Your contribution can help write the next adoptees reunion story. 




By donating to our 2020 by 2020 campaign, you will help us achieve our goal to train more researchers, secure more clients, provide FREE search services to our seekers, and reunite 2,020 adoptees and biological families by 2020.  Your support IS key.