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GRAITH FOUNDATION is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which seeks to connect people with their families, their past, their lineage, and their futures. 

Your Journey Begins Here!

  1. The journey to locating your birth family begins when you complete and submit your application online and pay the one-time $100 application fee. Our team of genealogists and professional researchers will review each application.  It should include, any and all documents related to your adoption/placement or family, including non-identifying information (provided to you by the adoption agency, family, etc.), adoption records, court records, and any other information that you deem pertinent to your search. 

  2. FEE WAIVERS ARE AVAILABLE.  PLEASE CONTACT Sherre Titus, Program Coordinator at for more information.

  3. We will review all of your information and then a researcher will contact you for an interview and consultation within five (5) days of your submission.  This call will be either via telephone or ZOOM.  The call will be no more than one (1) hour.  Prior to this contact, you will receive confirmation of receipt of all documents.  The interview and consultation allows us to ask any further questions to ensure a good fit with our program and will allow us to confirm that you have realistic expectations related to this search process. This call also gives us the opportunity to explain our process and some to of the potential pitfalls of a search.  

  4. Because of the complexity of a every search, GRAITH Foundation cannot estimate the time it will take to discover, locate, or facilitate a reunion.   We also can make no guarantees as to the success of a search.  Application acceptance varies and is based on program funding and researcher availability.  


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is there an age limit for seekers/targets?
A: All parties, seekers and targets must be over the age of 18.

Q: I am not adopted but I am looking for a long-lost family member.  Can you help me?

A: We can still assist you even if you are not adopted.  Please contact us at and tell us your story. 

Q: Can I get the targets contact information BEFORE GRAITH contacts them?
A: Because we value privacy for ALL parties involved, GRAITH will not provide target contact information to seekers without the targets permission.

Q: What do researchers do?
A: While our researchers are highly trained, they are not robots. These highly skilled, passionate people begin with thorough review of all documents that the seeker provides.  Though each case is different, our team approaches each case with a detailed search plan.  After the search is completed, our researchers and genealogists provide detailed reports on what the research process discovered and any and all proposed next steps.

Q: Is there a cost that applicants need to pay for search services?
A: There is a $100 application fee. After the application process is complete and the applicants case has been accepted, GRAITH, through our generous donors, will fund all search expenses, excluding travel, court fees, and DNA kits.  The value of the average search is approximately $2000.  We believe that the majority of our applicants cannot simply write a check for that amount of money.  GRAITH offers these services for free in order to allow applicants the opportunity to locate their biological family without financial worry.  We encourage our applicants to become GRAITH Foundation Team Members to ensure that we can continue helping other people. 

Q: What expenses are not covered by GRAITH?
A: The following expenses are NOT covered by GRAITH Foundation in the scholarship or fundraising efforts by applicants and are the sole responsibility of the applicant:

  1. Personal travel expenses

  2. Court fees

  3. Record procurement

  4. Notary services

  5. Other ancillary services

Q: How long do I have to wait before my family member is found?
A: There is no way to determine how long a search will take to complete.  GRAITH Foundation makes every effort to locate biological family members, but often, people simple cannot be found. 

Q: I am under 18-years-of-age. Can I submit an application?
A: We cannot accept an application if it is submitted by anyone under 18.  Likewise, we cannot search for family members that are under the age of 18.

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions. Additional questions can be discussed during the phone interview and consultation. Each applicant is handled on an individual basis.