GRAITH Foundation Board of Directors Information and Application

GRAITH Foundation holds that all people deserve to know their roots.  Our organization provide research services, workshops, and information to our clients in order for them to connect to their past, nurture their present, and thrive in their future.  Started in 2017, GRAITH Foundation has solved over 1500 adoption search cases, created hundreds of family trees, conducted 200 workshops for 3000 participants, and fed 60 kids dinner during the Covid-19 Quarantine for 10 months. We are looking to expand our reach and grow our Board of Directors.  You have been invited to apply for Board Membership.  The information below is for your reference.  Please complete the application as soon as possible for consideration.



The Board of Directors of the organization is responsible for determining the organization goals, policy, and approving the annual budget. As a group and individually, members of the Board are legally and morally responsible for all activities of the organization.



GRAITH Foundation is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to connecting our clients to their past, nurturing them in the present, so that they may thrive in their future.



  1. Continues the corporate existence of the organization to provide services to our clients

  2. Shall support, encourage, and promote the philosophies of GRAITH Foundation

  3. Ensures that the organization carries out its intent and commitment to genealogical research, social development, education.

  4. Ensures that the organization operates within the parameters of the Articles of Incorporation, Policy and Procedure manuals, and the By-laws; reviews and/or adopts revisions to the By-laws and the Policy and Procedure manual as necessary.

  5. Acts on proposed revisions to the By-laws and the Policy and Procedure Manuals.

  6. Determines and assumes responsibility for internal policies and adopts policy to determine the purpose, governing principles, functions, activities and course of action of the organization.

  7. Regularly evaluates and reviews the organization’s operations and maintains standards of performance.

  8. Monitors the activities of the organization, including: reviewing reports of appropriate committees, confirming, modifying or rejecting proposals, providing feedback on committee plans or the Executive Director’s actions.

  9. Provides ideas, leadership and prestige to the organization and inspires confidence in its services.

  10. Understands and interprets our organizations work to the community.

  11. Relates the services of the centers to the work of other agencies and focuses on social reform and progress in the community as a whole and enhances the organization’s public standing.

  12. Selects and employs the Executive Director and evaluates the Director’s job performance.

  13. Elects and recruits new board members within the organization’s recruitment policy as vacancies occur.

  14. Approves and monitors the corporate finances of the center.

  15. Ensures compliance of budgeted expenditures to the contracts issued by local, state and federal funding agencies.

  16. Authorizes, reviews, and approves the annual audit and tax filing (990).

  17. Secures and maintains satisfactory facilities in which to carry out the organization’s functions; approves all recommendations dealing with rental agreements, capital improvements of the facilities or purchase of additional land and buildings.

  18. Attends all annual board training sessions.

  19. Understands that the board is responsible for and takes the lead role in the organization’s fund raising efforts and other activities.

  20. Members of the Board of Directors are expected to serve at least a two (2) year term.



Knowledge and Experience: Must demonstrate an interest in and knowledge of genealogy, family history, social development, youth sports and the organization’s service goals. Experience and/or knowledge in at least one of the following elements are desirable: genealogy, social development, race relations, advocacy, administration, management, finance, philanthropy, event planning, personnel, program development, legal skills, public relations, or communications.


Other: Must be able to regularly attend in-person or virtual board meeting, participate on board committees, and familiarize self with agenda and attachments prior to each board meeting.


Note: The Board of Directors composition should reflect the population of the communities being served in terms of geographical area, ethnicity, gender and disability. 



Active Board Participation: Two to four hours bi-monthly. This includes attending board, committee, reviewing agenda packet prior to meetings, fundraising, and making essential telephone calls.


Leadership Responsibilities: An additional two hours monthly. This includes positions such as board officers, advisory board membership, organization volunteer, and committee chairpersons.


If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, please complete the form below and email your resume/bio to our CEO, Shelbi M. Walker, M.S., J.D. at


Board Member Application
Do you have experience, training, or educational background in the following areas? If so, please check those that apply:

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