Coming August 2021 | Southern California Resort to be named soon


Join us for a fun-filled weekend camp for women struggling with infertility. All of our facilitators are women who have overcome the pains of infertility. RSVP to get information about our upcoming camps.

Time & Location

Coming August 2021
Southern California Resort to be named soon

About The Event

Welcome to Hannah's Camp! This camp is 3 days of judgement-free discussion, information, and inspiration for women dealing with the emotional and spiritual pains of infertility. We don't discuss infertility treatments. We don't have medical experts. We don't approach this subject with pink rose petals and soft music! We deal with our frustration head-on and we hold nothing back! Hate going to baby showers? Us too! Avoid church on Mothers Day and Fathers Day? Yep, us too! Tired of people giving saying things like, "it's not your time," or "maybe God has a different plan," or "you should be glad you don't kids?" Yep...been there! Then Hannah's Camp is for you! Real talk, real tears, real laughs, lots of fun, a few cuss words, and a safe place to just be! Join us this summer! Sign up for exclusive Early Bird offers!

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