2-Week Family Research Course
For Youth 10 -18

Who are you…really?  Today’s youth know more about the family history of their favorite star, than they know about their own.   They can recite names, ages, birthdates, historical details and milestone moments of any given real housewife, diva, musician, or Kardashian, yet they are completely unaware of the names of their great-grandparents, or the fact that their first cousin-once removed was a freedom rider.  In every culture there are sages, elders, storytellers who are charged with passing family history from one generation to the next.  Genealogy Griots is a philanthropic project designed to assist teens and young adults with finding their genealogical roots.  

As professional and passionate genealogists, our team will teach the participants on how to trace their biological roots.  The objective is to assist young people in understanding that their lineage is the foundation to all they are capable of becoming.   Our clients are the beneficiaries of centuries of struggle, debate, victory, and triumph, yet, they lack personal connection with their family members involved in significant milestones in our countries history. 


  • What if a young gang member were to discover that he descends from a family of freedom fighters who worked for peace?

  • What if a young girl, who is experimenting with drugs, discovers that her great-grandmother was a legal assistant who was instrumental in drafting the opening brief for Brown vs. Board of Education?

  • Have you ever wondered what happened to the descendants of nameless people that are shown in civil rights or holocaust documentaries?

  • Do you ever wonder what became of their lives?


GENEALOGY GRIOTS will help you understand who and where you come from in order to empower you to go FORWARD!!!