Birth Family Finding

For the past 20 years our team of professional genealogists and family researchers have reunited over 1600 adoptees with their biological families.  Our Chief Researcher and CEO, Shelbi Walker has served as a researcher for TLC's Long Lost Family and other family search televisions shows.  Let GRAITH help you with your search.  We use the latest technology and grassroots methods to solve some of the most complex cases in adoption, including, foundlings, international adoptions, and consanguinity  Apply Here to begin your birth family search journey.  562-338-1107


Just like the television show, Finding Your Roots, but for EVERYONE else! You've said it a thousand times; "I wish I could build a family tree" or "I wonder where I REALLY come from."  Wonder no more!  Contact GRAITH to build your family tree and get your very own Book of Life.  Take the first step today by contacting GRAITH.  Our rates are reasonable and we offer scholarships to qualified applicants.


GRAITH offers professionally designed genograms to our clients.  A genogram is a visual diagram that shows family relationships, emotional situations, and medical status. They are used to show family patterns, propensities,habits, and traits.  A fun and informative tool to help you understand the patterns that exist in your family and how to break the "curses" in your family.  Contact us today to schedule your genogram consultation.


"The end of your search, was the beginning of my new life.  Thank you for Finding...Me."

—  Lisa S.

Family tree building just like the PBS show 

Finding Your Roots