If you are an adult adoptee in search of your biological family, ROOTS BirthFamily Finders is here to help.  With over 20 years of experience, our searchers will use every available means to locate your long lost family.  Because all of our researchers are members of the adoption triad, we understand the sensitivity of your search. We stay with you every step of the way. Contact us TODAY to begin your journey.

Infertility.  Until you have been faced with the harsh reality of it, you cant begin to understand the emotional, physical, and psychological toll it takes on a woman's body.  Hannah's Camp is a 3-day, all-female camp for women who are currently undergoing infertility treatments, or those who are preparing to begin treatment. this camp is a safe sisterhood where you are able to speak freely about your experiences, fears, frustrations, and faith. Offered twice a year, Hannah's Camp will inspire you, comfort you, pray for you, and educate you all while pampering you in a beautiful resort setting.  Go to our Hannah's Camp page  for additional information and camp schedules.  

Family tree building just like the PBS show 

Finding Your Roots 

Do you love the show Finding Your Roots? Are you having a family reunion?  Have you always wanted to to create your family tree?  GRAITH Foundation is here for you!  We will trace your genealogy and create your family tree.  We can do it for you!  Vines & Branches for those looking to provide their family with the gift of ancestry.  Start your journey today! Contact GRAITH Foundation

Who are you…really? Today’s youth know more about the family history of their favorite star, than they know about their own. They can recite names, ages, birthdates, historical details and milestone moments of any given real housewife, diva, wag, or Kardashian, yet they are completely unaware of the names of their great-grandparents, or the fact that their first cousin-once removed was a freedom rider. Genealogy Griots is a project designed to assist teens and young adults with finding their genealogical roots. This 4-week project will open the eyes and hearts of all participants and unlock the power of the past in hopes of a brighter future!  Contact GRAITH Foundation

If you are adopted, thinking about adopting, or are a biological parent who has placed your child for adoption, REAL TALK is for you.  Facilitated by folks who have been where your are and supported by a team of mental health clinicians, REAL TALK is a monthly, topic-based roundtable discussion designed to meet your needs, answer your questions, and offer sound experience driven advice.  Contact GRAITH Foundation for more information.

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