"Let your light shine."

—  Shelbi Walker, CEO/President GRAITH Foundation

Your tomorrow depends on what you do today and what you learned from yesterday

We live in a world that is more disconnected than ever before.  Shelbi M. Walker, M.S., J.D., President and CEO of GRAITH Foundation, is available to speak at your next conference or event to teach why digging deeper into the past will reveal the connections that bind us all to help us build a better future for all.  Virtual speaking engagements are encouraged. 

For 30 years Shelbi has been teaching Social Graces and Etiquette classes across the country. Offered in a light, humorous, entertaining way, Shelbi has perfected The Art of Etiquette and will inspire you to see yourself and your life in a whole new marvelous way.  Each training can be customized to fit your organizational needs. Presentations are conducted as a keynote, full, or half day sessions.


Life can often throw you curve balls and we don't know how to manage the unexpected twist and turns. It's time to get ready to knock those curve balls out of the park.  Don't let them throw you off.  Instead, learn how to anticipate, appreciate, and embrace them when they come. You can do it!

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