Adoptive parents want to be able to have a family tree that reflects their child’s biological family, as well as their adoptive family.  

Some people have very specific reasons for tracing their family tree. Others jump into family history research without giving it much thought. Knowing why people research their ancestors can be a source of inspiration and support for seekers. This can be particularly important when the inevitable roadblocks and brick walls become a factor.  As adoptive parents, we have a dual task related to the genealogy of our beloved children.  We must understand that they are actually the product of Two Trees; their biological and their adoptive.  Both of equal importance.  Both, likely, with crooked branches and undesirable fruit.  But ultimately, both the reason why our children are who they are.   

Tracing your child’s biological genealogy in conjunction with their adoptive genealogy can provide a doorway to the past and a bridge to their future. It is often necessary to break through brick walls to get to the truth and understanding in order to use those same bricks to build your child’s solid self-centered foundation.  Contact GRAITH Foundation today to begin your child's TWO TREES project.